Michael Scott Freebie Trivia Pack

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Put your office trivia to the test with this free trivia sample pack! The Office is one of the most well-known TV shows, why not invite your friends, and host a Virtual Office Trivia Game to challenge you and your friends? Whether you're using Zoom, Hangouts, or playing in person, this trivia pack will make you the hit of the party!

This Michael Scott freebie PowerPoint game has 4 rounds, with a total of 33 questions: 

- Round 1: Easy (10 questions)

- Round 2: Medium (10 questions)

- Round 3: Hard (10 questions)

- Round 4: Expert (3 questions)


*The PPT game can also be played over Google Slides, simply download and upload to Google Slides. The Excel Sheet contains all questions and answers.


With the order, you will receive 2 digital files in a zip file:

- OfficeTrivia_Michael - .PPT (PowerPoint)

- OfficeTrivia_Michael - .XLSX (Excel Sheet)